Expansion Shelf Splice Kit

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Join two KVgear Expansion Shelves together to create an adjustable-width mega-shelf.  Either join two identical shelves (Expansion Shelf Small, Medium or Large) together, or add a smaller shelf to a larger shelf as a "wing". 

Multiple hole locations are available in the shelves to allow you to adjust the width of the two shelves.  You must use all four sets of fasteners to join the two shelves together.  This will result in a strong joint between the shelves.  

Maximum Width of Two Shelves:

  • Expansion Shelf Large 723.9 mm (28.5") using 2 sets of holes, or 774.7 mm (30.5") using only 1 set of holes
  • Expansion Shelf Medium 645.16 mm (25.4") using only 1 set of holes, or 594.36 mm (23.4") using 2 sets of holes.
  • Expansion Shelf Small 741.6 mm (29.2") using only 1 set of holes, or 690.8 mm (27.2") using 2 sets of holes.

Consider increasing your stand's width by purchasing our Long Telescoping Tubes for stands that you already own.  Or if you are ordering new stands today, you can purchase Long Tube Upgrades for stands that you will purchase along with this splice kit.


  • #6-32 x 1/2" long low profile screw, color:  black
  • #6-32 hex nut with integrated lock washer, color:  black

NOTE:  This kit works perfectly for any KVgear Expansion shelves purchased after January 2024.  If you have shelves purchased prior to January 2023 you will need to drill holes in your shelves in order to join them together.

NOTE:  A hex key (Allen wrench) is not included with this kit.  It is possible to join the fasteners together by holding the flat top of the screw in place with your fingertip, while spinning the hex nut with your other hand.  But if you have a 1/16" (1.5 mm) hex key you may use it.