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Accessories for synths and synthesists
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COVID Delays & Problems

The US Postal Service (USPS) and other global shipping organizations are still operating below normal capabilities.

In September 2021, the USPS made an announcement that they are formally increasing delivery times for most packages.  Some domestic shipments within the US are being delivered by the USPS quickly, while others are a few days slower than normal.  

Packages to destinations outside of the US are frequently delayed several days to two weeks beyond normal delivery times.  This is due to staffing shortages in global shipping services as well as a shortage of aircraft flying across the oceans.  Tracking information for a delayed package will often show that it hasn't moved for many days while at a transfer point within the USA, usually in Chicago.

AUSTRALIA:  In September 2021 the USPS announced a temporary suspension of shipping to Australia.  They expect to resume shipping in November.  KVgear is looking for an alternative shipping service for sending packages to Australia.  

USPS Tracking Dysfunction:  Since Spring of 2021, the USPS in Chicago has developed a nasty habit of sporadically not scanning packages when they pick them up from our shipping dock.  This results in tracking information that incorrectly states that the package has not been received by the USPS, even though it's actually moving through their delivery system. 

Expedited Shipping

KVgear does not offer expedited shipping.  We are a very small operation and are only able to ship items within our standard turnaround time using non-expedited shipping services.  Be aware that USPS Priority 1-3 day shipping is NOT expedited shipping.  This is due to the factors in the COVID section above, plus our order completion time (see below).

Order Completion Time

Normally, we ship on Monday and Thursday evenings.  During November to January we ship at least 3 times per week. The USPS picks up packages from our shipping dock the day after we create the shipping labels, at which point the tracking information will become active.

Shipping Cost

To determine shipping cost, place your item(s) in the shopping cart and proceed to the beginning of the checkout process.  Your shipping cost will automatically be calculated based on your address, package size and package weight. You will not be required to enter payment information at this stage of the checkout process.  If you find that the shipping cost is too high you can simply empty the shopping cart.

Shipping Methods

Within the USA

All packages are shipped via the USPS.  USPS Priority packages take 1-3 days after order completion, while First Class Mail takes 2-5 days after order completion.  In late 2021 we will begin offering UPS as an option.  

For those in the Chicago area, we offer in-person pickup at our workshop near the corner of Halstead and Chicago Ave.  You must arrange an appointment ahead of time as our operation is small and we are not always in the shop.


All packages are shipped via the USPS (Unites States Postal Service) which transfers packages to the local postal service for final delivery in the destination country.  Some of the local postal services are:

  • Australia Post (Australia)
  • Deutsche Post (Germany)
  • La Poste (France)
  • Los Correos (Spain)
  • PostNL (Netherlands)
  • PostNord (Denmark, Sweden)
  • Royal Mail (UK)

International Transit Times

In-transit time after packaging and processing is typically 5-7 days to Canada and 10-12 days to the UK, EU, Australia and Japan. 

International Tracking

Under normal circumstances, tracking information is detailed and accurate while the package is in the US.  Once the package is transferred to an international hub in the USA (typically at a Chicago airport) tracking information will be limited because the destination countries often do not report back to the USPS until the package is delivered to the recipient.

International Customs

Customs fees are paid by the customer to their local government-appointed customs authority when the package is delivered.  The shipping charge that you pay KVgear covers only the postage and packaging, not the customs fees.  KVgear accurately reports a description and value for all contents in a package.  We will not undervalue the cost of the shipment in order to allow the recipient to pay lower customs fees.  To do so would be illegal and would put our business at risk.