Key Dog - orange


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Don't use a matchbook, your elbow, a spare toe, or masking tape.  Use the Key Dog to hold down a key on any synth, organ or EP. The Key Dog obediently sits on a key and holds it down for as long as you want.  And like a real dog it's color-blind:  it handles black and white keys with equal ease.

The Key Dog is a laser-cut steel weight that strikes a balance between maximum weight and minimum size.  It fits great on any keyboard with regular-sized keys and is easy to place and remove.  It works on some small keyboards such as the Roland Aira System-1.  It will work on some minikey controllers, but you'll have to be more attentive when you place it onto a key.  A groove along the upper edge provides excellent grip for your fingertips.  Rubber on the bottom keeps it from slipping out of place.

You might think that a sustain pedal does the same job as a Key Dog.  In some situations this is true.  But in fast-paced performances you might need to instantly turn a synth sound into a drone without having your body locked in place to hold down a sustain pedal.  Another benefit comes about during improvisation:  the Key Dog provides a visual indicator of the note that's being sustained.  If you're feeling fancy (like me) you can use 2 or 3 Key Dogs to hold down chords.

For more information, including stand assembly instructions and gear fit-check, see our YouTube channel and Downloads Folder.