Expansion Shelf, Large


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The Expansion Shelf Large is an accessory for use with any of the following KVgear stands.  It fits:
  • Utility M1
  • Utility L1
  • Utility L2 (both tiers)
  • Utility XL1

The shelf holds multiple small items such as the VT-3, TB-3, Volcas, Boutique, fx pedals, smartphone, tablet, small drum machine or synth modules.  Durable black powder coat paint protects all surfaces of the shelf.  To prevent squeaks, the shelf includes a rubber foam strip on each of the two bent flanges. 

The shelf can be flipped so the angled front lip is pointing upwards for use with a VT-3 or TB-3, or the square front lip can be flipped upwards for use with non-Aira gear.

Dimensions ( Width x Depth x Height) 

inches: 16.5" x 9.0" x 2.0"

mm: 419 x 229 x 51