Eurorack Desktop Synth Stand EDS-1K


Make your setup look great and feel great by organizing with KVgear.  Our stands are sleek, compact, sturdy and made in the USA.  They position gear ergonomically and provide room for cable access.  We combine innovative design, quality materials and precision manufacturing to make stands you can count on.

Euro Desktop Synth (EDS) stands let you mix different HP widths, a mini keyboard or non-Euro gear on the same stand.  Expand or modify the stands using KVgear accessories and adapters.  All stands allow a Keystep to fit on the table in front of the stand with room for cables to pass under the lowest synth.  

EDS-1K stand can hold:

  • Behringer Cat, K-2, Model D, Neutron, Pro-1, Wasp Deluxe
  • Behringer Crave on upper tier if Adapt Wings are purchased
  • Moog DFAM, Mother 32, Subharmonicon
  • Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A (not verified)
  • Keystep, Beatstep Pro, Crave or Yamaha Reface on lower tier of EDS-1K 
  • Skiffs or other gear up to 10" (250 mm) deep on upper tier on if Adapt Wings are purchased
  • Skiffs up to 7" (175 mm) deep (no Adapt Wings necessary) on upper tier
  • Roland Boutique, Blofeld or Pulse 2 on upper tier
  • Korg Volcas when used with Bendit Tray

KVgear accessories compatible with EDS-1K stands:

  • Adapt Wings
  • Bendit Tray
  • Connector Tubes (for gear wider than 104 HP)
  • EDS-UX (to add another Eurorack tier at the top of the stand)
  • Expansion Shelf Medium
  • Stand Risers

Other KVgear stands that can hold Euro desktop synths:

  • Stiletto Flat or Angled with XL rod
  • Boo-1
  • Boo-2 (upper tier only)
  • Boo-3 (upper tier only)

For more information, including assembly instructions and gear fit-check, see our YouTube channel and Downloads Folder.