Bendit Tray

$19.00 $11.00

SALE:  This initial batch is discounted because the amount of paint flaking along the underside bend line is greater than expected.  For most people this won't matter since you won't normally see the underside of the shelf.  But for those who are picky, we recommend waiting a couple of months until we have a new batch that uses special non-flaking paint.

Bendit trays allow you to add loads of Volcas to KVgear stands.  Each tray holds 2 Volcas.  You can even mix Volcas and other gear on a single tier of a stand.  If you already own KVgear Adapt, Boo, Captive or Utility stands, you can purchase Bendit trays to allow Volcas to fit on them.  Volc-45 or Captive V stands can hold Bendit trays if you purchase longer connecting tubes or rods.  


Volc 45-2, -3, -4 (2, 3 or 4 trays, respectively)

Captive V2, 3, 4 (2, 3 or 4 trays, respectively)

EDS-1K, -2, -3 (1, 2 or 3 trays, respectively)

Adapt L1:  2 trays

Additional tray possible if front Adapt Hook is pulled all the way forward to hang over edge of table.

Adapt L2 + Adapt Hooks:  4 trays

Additional tray possible (10 Volcas!!!) if front Adapt Hook is pulled all the way forward to hang over edge of table.

Utility M1:  1 tray

Utility M2:  2 trays

Boo-1:  1 tray

Boo-2:  2 trays

Boo-3:  3 trays

Stiletto Angled:  1 tray

Stiletto Flat:  1 tray

SubPiggy:  2 trays


The tray will be shipped to you in a flat condition.  The flanges are designed to be bent into position by hand.  No tools are needed.  See the instruction video on our Downloads page.


Elsewhere on this site we offer combination kits that include multiple Bendit Trays plus Volc45 or Captive V stands with longer connector tubes.  

For more information, including assembly instructions and gear fit-check, see our YouTube channel and Downloads Folder.