Adapt Stand L2


Make your setup look great and feel great by organizing with KVgear.  Our stands are sleek, compact and sturdy.  They position gear ergonomically and provide room for cable access.  We combine innovative design, quality materials and precision manufacturing to make stands that you can count on.  All KVgear stands are designed by a lifelong synth fanatic and are made in the USA.

Fits drum machines, sequencers, desktop synths, keyboard synths.  Add optional 13" Connector Tubes to hold two 49 key keyboards.  Add optional Expansion Shelf (large or medium) to hold small items on stand.  Or add up to five Bendit shelves to hold a whopping 10 Volcas.

Partial list of gear that fits:  Avalon, Virus desktop, MPC 1000/Live/Studio, Beatstep Pro, Keystep, P6 and OB6 desktops, Electribe, Monologue, nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, 4 x Volca (on Expansion Shelf Large), TR-8, TR-8S, MX-1, System 1, Tanzbar, Circuit (7" connector tubes required), Launchpad, Launchpad Pro, Peak, Social Entropy Engine, Squarp Pyramid, Reface, Softube Control 1, Push Controller, Push 2 Controller, Drumbrute, Microbrute, Evolver, Tempest, Elektron, Minilogue, Maschine, Bass Station 2.

When the stand is flipped to the steep orientation, some bulky gear might require the use of double-sided hook and loop tape (Velcro) to secure the gear to the rubber trim on the stand.

Support depth:

  • Upper 8.4" (213 mm) standard.  11.9" (302 mm) with optional Adapt Hooks installed at rear
  • Lower adjustable from 8.4" to 11.8" (213 to 300 mm)


  • Two pair of Adapt Wings included.
  • Can be oriented in either of two ways, giving you a choice of angles.
  • Adjustable gear hook positions on each tier.
  • Gear can hang beyond the back edge by at least 5" if optional Adapt Wings are installed at the rear edge.  CAUTION:  Use of Adapt Wings to support gear hanging over the back edge can lead to instability.  The user must ensure that the stand will not tip backwards, especially if the gear on the bottom tier is removed while overhanging gear on the top tier is still in place.
  • Rubber feet and lining for silence and stability
  • Each synth can be removed from stand without affecting others 
  • Unobtrusive and almost invisible once you install your gear 
  • Effortless tool-free assembly/disassembly 
  • Steel connecting rods

Compatible with the following KVgear accessories:

  • Adapt Wings
  • Bendit Tray
  • Connector tubes (various lengths) for narrow or wide gear
  • EDS-UX (to add Eurorack tier at the top of the stand)
  • Expansion Shelf Medium
  • Expansion Shelf Large
  • Stand Risers

Dimensions: (Width x Depth x Height)

inches: 10.0" x 16.4" x 14.2" (11.3" wide @ knobs) 

mm: 254 x 417 x 361 (287 wide @ knobs)  

For more information, including assembly instructions and gear fit-check, see our YouTube channel and Downloads Folder.