Profile on KVgear Boo stands, Ask Audio Magazine, December, 2016

Paul Godfrey, Morcheeba

Love your stands - very neat, stable and easy.

Rod L. via email

Just got my Boo-3 stand for my Roland Boutiques all the way in Kenya, Africa, and all I can say is WOW! Perfect fit, look great and extremely stable! Will be back again to purchase stands for my Volcas next.  Thank You!

Jim B. on Facebook

My first Boo-3 holds the JP/JX/JUs.  I love the space-saving design, and how MIDI and USB cords are almost invisible behind the stand.  Thanks again, Mike!

Harry R. on Reverb (for Captive EK3N stand)

Awesone stand, very simple, easy to assemble and it has made me love my elektron set up that much more. I am buying the roland stands right after this review

Rick S, Nashville, TN (multiple emails for multiple orders)

got home, got stands.
love them.
so glad to have found your products

Thanks for the help, these are wonderful, and SOOOOO needed by me.
The stands are FANTASTIC!
could not be more pleased, thanks so much

Brad S. on Facebook

Pretty excited about investing in the KVGear Captive V4, volca daisy chain power cable and volca power supply. Really cleans up the cabling and makes the Volcas more accessible. They were flat before and the cables were always getting in the way

asilvermtzion on Reddit Oct. 31, 2016

Got KVgear stands for Volcas and, if those are anything to go by, it appears that all the KVgear is not only sexy, but tough, easy to put together, and has those neat cable organizers that go on the back bars (which you could also velcro strap stuff to). The units don't screw on to these as they do with the other two solutions, rather sit in them snuggly, which allows you to pick 'em up and check your cables and stuff a bit easier than with other designs.

Erwin D. via email

The stands are beautiful and are saving me a huge amount of space and enable me to work with so much more gear in the small space I have available. The daisy chain cables for the Korg Volcas are absolutely great, making many adapters and their cables obsolete and freeing up a load of power sockets. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Warren P. via email

Hey Mike, i did another order for the synth stands. im very excited to have it all set up, the L2 is great  and its amazing how much dynamics to performing change set up like this. well done, i appreciate your products. im excited for  the boo2 & m2. the pictures you included of the beat step & keystep really  look like they change up their performance.

Ken S. via email

loving both of my lobe v3 stands for my volcas. straight up solid all around!!! thanks man and keep up the great work!

siamlloydKARP on Reddit

Can confirm, just got the L2 and my Airas look amazing on it.

radiokoala on Muffwigglers

One of the best accessories I ever bought no doubt. Construction is as good as it gets for a cable, will probably work for a century.

Email from Dean C.

Your stand is awesome man !!! Thanks for making those, I wish you and your family a very happy holidays

frozencities (on Instagram)

Everybody I've shown this [Lobe V4] to ended up ordering one.  Such a sweet looking stand!

Glenn H. via email

I wanted to say how happy I am with the items I ordered. I had a couple of items that I needed positioned at an angle for easier access, and had been using all kinds of half assed methods up until now. The ramp style stands are perfect for this purpose. I'm using the short one with a MicroBrute. The medium ramp is being used for a Vermona Mono Lancet '15 and a DSI Tetra, which fit perfectly together. The keydog also is a nice, handy little device for those times when you don't quite have as many hands and fingers as you need for what you're trying to accomplish. Again, overall, I'm very happy with these items. They're well designed, well made, and you clearly put some thought, effort, and pride into your products.

FoXoF XofoX (email)

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I got those stands and shelves.  I appreciate the fantastic packing job you did and these stands are absolutely perfect!  I'll definitely be getting more in the future and recommending these to my friends.

Robert S (Facebook)

Got a Key Dog with a stand a few weeks ago, and it was one of those "why hasn't this always existed??" things. Great solution. Solid, and the coating on the bottom doesn't make me feel like I'm scratching the keys.

impurfekt? (Twitter)

Received my M1 stands today. Just want to say thanks for making a great product. They hold my gear solid and steady. Keep it up!

thehighesttree (Korgforums)

That power supply + plug squid combo [PS-1 and DC-5] is a godsend! I power a Monotribe, Volca FM and my new Monologue off one and it does exactly what it should and pays for itself if you have 2+ recent Volca/analogue korg products. Highly recommended!