Send me photos of KVgear stuff in use in your studio or setup and I'll post them below.  Or send a pic of you looking fabulous wearing Nerd Bling.

Stiletto Stand Angled with a 12" rod, holding an Arturia Spark.
Photo courtesy of Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba).

Stiletto Stand Flat with a standard 6" rod, holding an OTO Biscuit. 
Photo courtesy of Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba).

DJ Spank-Spank (RIP) of Phuture using two Model A stands at Detroit's Movement Festival 2015
(photos courtesy Casey Bishop)

A pair of Lobe V3 stands
(photos courtesy of Korg USA)

Two V-45-3 and two Boo-3 stands
(photo courtesy Erwin van Diggelen)

Model A stand in the Roland booth at Movement 2015
(photo courtesy Robin Kelly)

Fully loaded Lobe V4 stand with two DC-3 daisy chain cables.

(photos courtesy Jonah Phillips)

Boo-3 and Lobe V4 getting cozy

(photo courtesty Aaron Hart)

Boo-2 and Model A with 2 shelves in classy company

(photo courtesy Barry Steinglass)

Boo-3 in a stylish setting with classic synths

(photos courtesy of Jason Wann)

Boutique invasion!!!  Two Boo-3 stands

(photo courtesy Robert Dorschel)

Boutiques standing tall on a Boo-3
(photos courtesy Marc Abernathey)

2x Model A with Expansion Shelf Large, and 2x Volc 45-3
(photo courtesy of Sherelle)