KVgear makes stands to fit just about any small or medium-sized piece of electronic music gear.  A summary description of each stand is shown below.  For dimensions and lists of everything that KVgear racks and stands will hold, see the Fit Check and Stand Summary documents on our Downloads page.  The Fit Check document is regularly updated and it's your best resource for information.  If, after checking out this information, you still aren't sure which stands are for you, feel free to send me an email for personal guidance.

Boo Stands

Boo-1, Boo-2, Boo-3

  • Optimized for Roland Boutique.  Also fits Blofeld, Pulse 2.  
  • Side panel supports are 10" apart and 4.75" deep.
  • Beatstep fits all slots in all three stands.
  • Upper slot fits Keystep, 303, 606, some mini-key controller keyboards, and much more.

Expansion Shelf

Expansion Shelf

  • 16.5" wide x 9" deep.
  • Can be used with most Utility, Adapt, Boo and Volc 45 stands.  See Stand Summary in the Downloads for Customers folder for details.

Utility Stands

M1, M2, M3
Fits Elektron, Ableton Push, Electribe 2, Electribe, Tempest, Aira, Boutique, Acidlab, Engine, MPC1000, BeatStep Pro, Microbrute, RC-505, RC-202, much more.

Volc 45 Stand

Links:  Volc 45-3, Volc 45-4

  • Optimized for Korg Volca.
  • Also fits Korg SQ-1.
  • Upper slot accepts Monotribe, Boutique, 606, 303, BeatStep, and more.


The PS-1 power supply and DC-5 daisy chain cable work with all Korg gear that's compatible with the Korg KA-350.

  • electribe, electribe sampler
  • KR mini
  • microKORG XL, microKORG XL+
  • microSTATION
  • minilogue
  • monologue
  • monotribe
  • MS-20 mini
  • Pitchblack Pro
  • RK-100S
  • tinyPIANO
  • All Volcas, including Mix
  • WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini