We are open for mostly normal operations during the pandemic.  Most orders are being built and shipped at the same rates as before the pandemic.  Occasionally, it will take us a day longer than usual to ship out packages.  This is due to scheduling issues that have arisen during the pandemic.  

Throughout the pandemic, our workers have been taking precautions and wearing PPE at all times while in our workshop.  And they are receiving sizable bonuses as a form of hazard pay.  The cost of the bonuses is being absorbed by KVgear and is not being passed on to consumers.

But shipping is another story.  As of the middle of July, we have seen sporadic slowdowns with some packages shipped via the US Postal Service (USPS).  Some of the slowdowns are undoubtedly due to the pandemic.  It's possible (but not proven) that the recent slowdowns are made worse by recent limitations imposed upon the USPS by the federal government.  

But regardless of the cause, we are seeing random instances of packages that take 2 to 4 weeks longer to deliver than normal.  The slowdowns are affecting approximately 10% of our shipments.  At the same time, plenty of other packages are being delivered in a normal amount of time.

Although it's possible that a package will be delayed by the problems at the USPS, we have had no packages lost during the pandemic.  In fact, during the 7 years that KVgear has been in business, we have shipped many thousands of packages with only a tiny number lost.  

Thanks for supporting us during these difficult times. 

-Mike Rafferty