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Accessories for synths and synthesists
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Korg Volca Stand Rack, 4x2 (8 Volcas) - WEDGE, expandable & adjustable
Volc 45-4x2 (double wide)

Volc 45-4x2 (double wide)

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A double-wide four tier stand to hold a whopping eight Korg Volcas!
Fits:  All Korg Volcas, SQ-1, Vixen Mixer.  Roland Boutique fits upper tier if Volca Tray is removed.  Decksavers compatible.


  • Sleek, compact, sturdy
  • Expandable to meet your changing needs
  • Adjustable width telescoping metal tubes
  • Rubber feet and lining for silence and stability
  • Easy tool-free assembly/disassembly
  • Precision manufactured in USA by synth fanatics


  • Volc 45-4 stand with upgrade to long telescoping tube, quantity 2
  • Volca Tray, quantity 4


  • Depth x Height:  15.2" x 14.7" (386 x 375)
  • Width:  Volca Trays are 15.2" (386 mm) wide.  Stand side panels adjustable from 10.5" to 17.5" (267 mm to 445 mm) wide.  Knobs stick out additional 0.5" (12 mm) per side

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