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Accessories for synths and synthesists
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Captive V3
Captive V3
Captive V3
Captive V3

Captive V3

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Due to supply chain issues we've discontinued our Captive stands.  See our Volc45-3 if you're looking for a great three tier Volca stand which can be expanded to hold 6 Volcas if extra accessories are purchased.

A three tier stand designed specifically for Korg Volcas.  

KVgear Captive stands have precision milled cradles to keep gear extra stable during use.  Unlike our competitors, we use metal connecting tubes. This eliminates the predictable and all-too-common splitting that occurs when MDF connecting pieces are used.

Fits:  All Korg Volcas, SQ-1, Vixen Mixer


  • Sleek, compact, sturdy
  • Stand can be flipped, giving you choice of angles for your Volcas
  • Gaps between Volcas allow room for cables
  • Adjustable width telescoping metal tubes
  • MDF side panels can be left as-is or you can paint them
  • Precision manufactured in USA by synth fanatics

    Dimensions (depth x height x width)

    • 10.1" x 11.55" x 8.08" (257 x 293 x 205)

    Compatible Accessories

    • Stand Risers
    • Decksavers fit only if 4 small retainer bumps on side panel cradles are trimmed