Elektron fans rejoice!  We have Elektron stands, Elektron Mk2 stands, Elektron Mkii stands, dual Elektron stands and triple Elektron stands.  We even have stands for Digitakt and Digitone.  And we have Elektron Model:Cycles and Model:Samples stands.  Yes, we realize this paragraph is oddly worded.  But it's necessary because even though we're one of the oldest manufacturers of Elektron stands, we aren't as well known as we should be. 

  • Utility M1, M2 and M3 stands were designed for the original Elektrons.  These stands also fit Digitakt, Digitone, Model:Cycles, Model:Sample.
  • Adapt L1 and Adapt L2 stands can hold the latest angled-body MK2 (Mk ii) Elektrons.