KVgear started as a side hustle in early 2013 after Korg launched their Volca line of synths.  I started with a wood stand with onboard power to bring all three Volcas together.  A power supply and a daisy chain cable for powering multiple Volcas followed that.  When Roland announced their Aira line, I created stands and accessories to bring them together.  Eventually I designed dozens of stands for use with almost all small electronic music gear.  

In 2017 I quit a full time job to split time between KVgear and mechanical engineering consulting.  Around the same time, I moved KVgear operations to mHUB in Chicago.  As the largest and fastest growing innovation center focused on physical product development, mHUB provides equipment and shop space to allow KVgear to manufacture almost all products in-house. 

Now that engineering, manufacturing and shipping are under one roof, KVgear has become "we" rather than "I". KVgear is now myself plus a tiny team of independent subcontractors who work part time to build and ship all KVgear products.

With the establishment of KVgear Europe as a distributor, we are poised to deliver products faster and at a lower cost to our friends in the UK and EU.  KVgear in the USA continues to ship products to the rest of the world.

KVgear has been able to grow through the support and feedback from customers and colleagues across the globe.  You can expect to see much more of us as we continue to grow in years to come.

- Mike Rafferty