About KVgear

Shortly after the Korg Volca line of synths were unveiled at Spring NAMM 2013 I became convinced that I needed to buy all three.  Not long after placing a pre-order, I began  designing ways of unifying the Volcas into a single instrument.  I also quickly realized that the power supplies would be a very expensive addition to the cost of the instruments.  Batteries weren’t an option because I don’t like hassling with them and I don’t think they’re environmentally responsible to use if a better option is available.

As I worked on my own add-ons for Volcas, I realized I could form a small business to cater to like-minded musicians.  The name KVgear was chosen since it evokes the name of the Korg Volcas.   Wooden KV Core and KV Power Core cases were my first products, followed shortly afterwards by a daisy chain cable and power supply.

Since then I've developed an ever-growing line of stands for use with Volcas, Roland Aira, Roland Boutique, Elektrons, and lots of other gear.  The Key Dog and Nerd Bling also popped into mind and I decided to bring them to market to see if other people would find them interesting (they have!).

I continue to tinker and develop new products. The Stealth Stands are my newest creations and I'm hoping musicians and recording engineers will find them useful.

- Mike Rafferty